Textile Manufacturing & Quality Inspection Services.


Why Cotton Features

In Pakistan, most of the Inspection companies involve at the time of the final shipment and carries out inspections on sampling basis, this has a probability of high percentage errors. However, we assure you that we have established a process to carry out inspections at every stage and our database will be constantly updated to monitor the progress. This will ensure quality control with 100% accuracy to meet with the satisfactory requirements of the buyers.


Dyeing Approval Procedure

Suppliers are monitored and it is ensured that dyeing factory has the capacity and quality systems to handle the magnitude of a particular program.

On Line Quality Control

At start of production, procedures and quality control standards are explained to the factory inspection staff. All accessories are checked and approved before final use in stitching and packing. During stitching process, quality control takes place to ensure Size, Correct Label and Barcode placements.

Final Random Inspection

Only certain individuals are authorized to do final inspection and judge on the pass or fail of a shipment.

Training & Development

At Cotton Features, we are constantly trying to upgrade the quality of education of our staff. In this regard, we have weekly meetings in the office where exchange of views take place among staff and the management to improve the skills in controlling quality and better managing the orders of our clients.

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